Adhesive Bag

A foil pouch with silica gel to preserve the adhesive. It stabilizes the humidity to keep the adhesive in the best condition.

Micro Tape

Micro Tape can be used to stretch any loose skin around the eyes, and also to cover the lower lashes.

Lash Holder

This pad is used to keep the lashes during classic lashes treatment. The surface of the pad ensures that it is easy to pick up the lashes at the right angle for application.

Air Blower

The smooth soft rubber surface makes the blower easy to squeeze for quick drying of eyelash extensions. The Air Blower is made of non-allergenic material.

Jade stone

The Jade Stone is used to dispense the adhesive onto. Its cooling effect keeps the adhesive at a constant temperature during the entire treatment. Use our Jade Stone Covers to protect the stone from damage.

Jade Stone Cover

The Jade Stone Cover is a thin plastic film to protect the jade stone.

Tile Plate

Weighted tiles are essential for volume lashing, picking up multiple volume lashes requires a weighted surface. We recommend using multiple lash tiles for the different lash types you may keep in stock.

Adhesive Tray

The Adhesive Tray provides individual wells designed for single drops of adhesive during eyelash extension application. The precisely engineered depressions help to accurately coat the eyelash extensions, in addition to preserving and conserving adhesive. For optimum performance, use a fresh drop of adhesive every 15 minutes.