Disposable Mascara Wands

Our professional quality disposable Mascara Wands are perfect for fluffing and separating both lash extensions and natural lashes, ensuring each lash sits perfectly and can be cleaned effectively.

Mascara Wand, silicone

These disposable silicone mascara wands have a flexible silicone head and can be used for different applications during treatment and as an after-care product for lash maintenance. Available in either Knife or Tower head.

Cleaning Brush (wood handle)

With this specially designed Lash Cleaning Brush, it is easy to quickly and thoroughly wash everyday dirt, makeup and oil off the lashes. The soft bristles are designed to slip between the delicate lashes and clean them, ensuring that the natural lashes remain healthy.

Cleaning Brush (plastic handle)

This cleaning brush features a tapered head with rounded corners. The soft bristles gently brush through the lashes from the base to tips of extensions, penetrating those hard to reach areas.

Micro Applicators

The Micro Applicators are special non absorbent applicators that can be used for the cleansing of natural lashes prior to eyelash extensions application, they can also be used for the removal of excess glue, or during the procedure of removing the eyelash extensions. Because of the material and design, the micro applicators applicators can hold and maintain the fluid without absorbing it.